registered institute

OilStop, a registered institute, has established the OilStop Platform to create a broad base for sharing and exchanging experiences in the management of edible oils and fats at all stages of their life cycle. This means creating and maintaining relationships in which the mutual exchange of information, advice and support facilitates the growth and success of all parties involved. The results of the OilStop Platform will have a positive impact on the environmental and energy use of oil as a raw material. The initial motivation for founding OilStop was to complete the research and development of a special paper filter system and put it into production. Over time, it has become apparent that this raises a number of additional issues related to the issue of oil and fat management in the context of sustainable development. That is why the OilStop Platform was created.

We would love to visit you and discuss everything you need to know about the project to become an OilStop partner or sponsor.



The company was founded in 2012 with the aim of using new environmentally friendly technologies for waste treatment. Since then, we have come a long way and are working on several projects that are illustrative examples of how we see the circular economy and, more importantly, how we put it into practice. We implement meaningful projects with interesting economics and a positive impact on the environment.


An association founded for the use of rainwater, which, through other forms of its activities, helps to develop the association, especially through organisational and awareness-raising activities aimed at educating and informing its members to protect the environment.


He studied cybernetics at a university abroad. He spent ten years working as a specialist in launching control systems for nuclear reactors. He is the originator of the idea of the OilStop filter system and the author of three utility models (so-called small patents). He has managed or participated in the management of two major European projects within the Operational Program Education for Competitiveness, of which he is the author or co-author. He has been involved in the field of water and environmental protection for a long time, working with water companies, several universities and other entities, among others. Miroslav also tries to pass on a lifelong relationship with nature to the younger generation through training and other educational activities.


After graduating from the University of Veterinary Medicine in Brno, he worked as a veterinarian for six years. He has put his management skills to good use as a sales director of a pharmaceutical company where he worked for over four years. Radomír further honed these skills through his MBA studies. He has built a successful veterinary clinic and is involved in several projects. OilStop is a project dear to his heart when it comes to conservation and socio-economic experience in networking from multinational to national companies to each individual water manager.